Special Diet Chef and Clinical Herbalist, Independent-Armadyllo


  • 80/20 plant-based ketogenic paleo chef and food coach for NFL and NHL players and affiliates
  • Gluten-free recipe development/training/safety for Michelin kitchens in SF-Bay Area/Asia
  • Ketogenic probiotic pastries for cancer and autoimmune patients
  • Gluten-free recipe development for restaurants and bakeries

Multi-GPU Computer Architect, Independent-Armadyllo


  • Custom supercomputers and low-budget high-performance PCs
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Power consumption optimization and stability testing
  • Parts re-purposing private medical/general office use

Chef de Partie, Madera-Rosewood Sand Hill


  • Hot apps and garde manger duties
  • Plating at entremet, fish, meat
  • Flatbreads and lounge
  • Accidentally spilling a 22 qt. of shrimp stock on a Sunday
  • Being generally annoying and in a panic

Front-end Developer, CXA Group-Northstar (Series A)-Facebook's Eduardo Savarin (Series B) 

2015- 2016

  • Was brought on as a serial entrepreneur on SG work pass to help build up the health insura-tech startup in its early days
  • UX, Integrations, Mockup Designs-to-Push Implementation, Testing, Rapid Iteration, Sass, SCSS Pixel-Pushing
  • Report to CTO, CTO, Lead Front-End Dev

Full-stack Developer, Bandbazaar-Audive-Manos Accelerator-Google Developers Launchpad

2013- 2015

  • Helped build the startup from the ground up (lots of hats)
  • Music track layers and filters
  • UI, frontend, backend
  • Sharing economy for music gear

Bio-data ETL Research Engineer, PatientKey-Singularity University-NASA Research Park-NASA's Ames Research Center-Focus Ventures


  • Health wearables data processing and visualization for physician use
  • Epilepsy tracking for veterans
  • Geriatric wellness and safety
  • Tele-medicine communication platform