Sophia Boettcher; RH (AGH), BS CS; LSsc ECDS, UCTD


Engineer, Chef, Herbalist, Rare Disease Advocate

I am a bioinformatics engineer by education (Santa Clara University) and profession (Singularity University, NASA's Ames Research Center; CXA Group) as well as a chef by trade (Madera, Rosewood Sand Hill). In 2018, the American Herbalists Guild granted me with recognition as a clinical herbalist for my extensive studies under the guidance of a number of indigenous medicine men and women in Indonesia, China, the Pacific Northwest, and Northern California. You can keep up with my latest plant-powered, ketogenic, paleo AND gluten-free treats on my personal Instagram: @sophiabthatsme.


The reason why I started Armadyllo Research Commons was to help people like me. I am a fellow rare disease patient -- at 19, I was diagnosed with linear scleroderma morphea en coupe de sabre and undifferentiated connective tissue disease (estimated incidence: 0.13 in 100,000). I am also a 3rd-generation celiac disease patient on my mother's side. Throughout my early twenties I suffered from over a hundred different conditions stemming from these three incurable conditions, including atopic dermatitis, seizures, IBS-D, atrophy, synesthesia, alopecia, hemiparasthesia, and so on. I have undergone DMARD chemotherapy and UVA-1 phototherapy radiation, steroids, anti-malarials, and more.

I traveled to 8 countries and 4 states, visiting over 50 doctors and countless complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) healers (many of them MDs). In the early days of my getting sick, my family was conned out of desperation out of thousands of dollars in supplements, bioimpedance and galvanic palm readings, gua sha, live blood analysis, chelation, etc. trying to help me. They were scared. I was scared. These aspirationally-priced alternative treatments ultimately didn't stop the progression of any of my illnesses and in fact held me back from getting access to proper care. When they didn't work, it was insinuated I'd need to pay more, for higher levels of knowledge, take this supplement, detox, dedicate myself, release my scientific suspicion when it came to spit- and sound-memory water drops.

I am a living testament to the power of modern medicine combined with freely available ancestral wisdom. The power of science but also Nature and mind-body-spirit. Indeed, contrary to what popular culture would have us believe, sometimes the most effective treatments don't cost an-arm-and-a-leg: many can be found in university hospitals, public libraries, the kitchen, one's proverbial backyard. There are over 7,000 rare diseases, 90% of which lack an approved treatment or cure. But it's possible to maximize one's quality of life with education.

My areas of interest include:

  • Culinary/Herbal/Digital Medicine
  • Rare/Undiagnosed Disease
  • Chronic/Complex Illness
  • Sclerodermoid Disorders, Lupus, Eosinophilic Disorders
  • Functional GI Disorders
  • Childhood Epilepsy Syndromes, Autism
  • Inoperable Late-Stage and/or Recurring Brain Cancers
  • Bone and Blood Cancers, Genetic Blood Disorders, CRISPR
  • Colon Cancer, Celiac Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue/Pain
  • Ethnobotany, Ancestral Ingredients, Scripture
  • AI, Data Pipeline/Clustering, Blockchain
  • CBD, Non-Cannabinoid Endocannabinoid Receptor Ligands, Weak vs. Medium vs. High Affinity
  • Biofeedback, Autogenic Training
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Lucid Dreaming, Mugwort
  • Non-Opiate Opiod Receptor Ligands, Weak vs. Medium vs. High Affinity
  • Ketogenic Diet, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Acetic Acid, Anthocyanin, White Kidney Bean
  • Dietary Carminatives, Enzymes and Lower GI Pain Modulation
  • Human Growth Factor Precursors, Immunoglobulin, Glutathione Precursors
  • Vitamin D, B-Complex and Autoimmunity, Cell Health

Collaborate with me

I'm happy to be your teammate, science ambassador, etc. Collaborating with me entails potentiating state-licensed conventional and experimental medicine. That means I assist friends at the end of their rope who are under the supervision of (a) currently board-certified MD or DO medical doctor(s) -- whether that means shopping for groceries at the farmer's market, helping bring you to the hospital, etc.; primary care physicians must have no prior history of public reprimand(s) involving but not limited to: death/near-death of a patient, negligent/unprofessional behavior, and/or over-/unnecessarily-prescribing/prescribing outside the scope of their practice scheduled/controlled drugs (I do background checks on all health practitioners through the Federation of State Medical Boards).

I seek to deobfuscate the path to healing for all. While I encourage open dialogue, I do not work with naturopaths, social media influencers, etc. I do not recommend probiotics or supplements except for in exceptional circumstances. Once you have established a care team (I can help you with that), we can leverage culinary, herbal and digital medicine-informed lifestyle choices to mitigate side effects of treatments and improve symptoms of disorder.


Free for rare disease patients for whom there is/are no/limited option(s) for state-licensed conventional and/or experimental treatment and/or cure AND palliative treatment options prove overwhelmingly inaccessible due to cost, availability, etc. This is a purely good samaritan endeavor. Please, no spamming, soliciting, healthy layperson-splaining (healthy layperson version of mansplaining), inter alia. We are all just trying to achieve relative comfort and ability to spend more time with loved ones.

Do NOT consider this website or any person(s) represented herein as a federal or state licensed healing arts practitioner unless explicitly indicated. (Even still, remember when they're here, they're not acting as your MD doctor(s) but as (an) ambassador(s)/student(s) of science themself/themselves.) The last thing I want is to negatively contribute to anyone's pain and/or suffering through misunderstanding. Always verify the active licensure, clean background and appropriate practice of a California board-certified doctor. US Residents outside of California use FSMB Physician Data Center. All information presented in this website is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.